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Windows 10 Pro Ninjutsu 2020 2.0 Version 2004 Build 19041 ISO File

Windows 10 Pro Ninjutsu Version 2004 Build 19041 ISO File

Windows 10 Pro Ninjutsu + serial free download
Windows 10 Pro Ninjutsu + licesne key free download

Download Via Torrent File From HERE


Download Via Torrent File From HERE

Downloading Ninjutsu Project

IMPORTANT! Never download Ninjutsu images from anywhere other than the official sources. Always be sure to verify the MD5/SHA256 checksums of the file you’ve downloaded against our official values. It would be easy for a malicious entity to modify a Ninjutsu Project installation to contain exploits or malware and host it unofficially.

Where to Get Official Ninjutsu Project Images

The Ninjutsu Project images are available both as directly downloadable .iso files or via .torrent files.

Verifying Your Downloaded Ninjutsu Image

##Why do I need to do this?

Before you run Ninjutsu OS, or install it to your hard disk, you want to be very sure that what you’ve got actually is Ninjutsu OS, and not an imposter. Ninjutsu is a professional penetration testing and red teaming toolkit. As a professional penetration tester, having absolute confidence in the integrity of your tools is critical: if your tools aren’t trustworthy, your investigations won’t be trustworthy, either.


Useing third-party tools :

1- Download the Checksum Calculator

2- Run the executable, checksumcalculator_setup.exe.

3- Follow the prompts to install the program.

4- Open the Checksum Calculator Click the Browse next to the file box and browse to the file you want to check. Select “Ninjutsu-v1.0.iso” file.

5- Select the type of Checksum you are calculating, By default, the Checksum is set to MD5

6- Click the Calculate button.